Thursday, January 8, 2009

Batching Rendering the Luma Nexus Shader

If you're looking to export your frames using the Nexus shader to something usable (batch render) then you may notice that sometimes NOTHING comes out.

As the build of the shader that I'm using is a little buggy, there are some settings you need to turn on to get the frames to render output.

Make sure the Contact sheet option is disabled (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't).

Start your batch and if you have settings that match mine on the left it should work.

Then have fun comping!
(maybe I'll show my shading network for Nuke soon)

1 comment:

Javier said...

excuse me, could you please explain a little bit more on how did you get it working on Windows?

for me its working perfect in maya 2008ext2 in OSX, but I've tried both on WinXP and Vista and it does not work well. Renders fine in the renderview when I'm previewing it, but when I do the whole batch render thing it just exports black images.

Am I missing something?