Thursday, January 8, 2009

Annoyed wth the Use Background Shader in Mental Ray? Use the MIP_MATTESHADOW!!!!

I hate sometimes how the useBackground shader in maya just doesn't translate my depth maps the way I like in Mental Ray.

Because of this I sought long and hard for a solution.
Turns out that there is one with the advent of the lovely "hidden" mip_matteshadow.

As part of the mip shader collection that is included with Maya 2008 onward, these hidden Production shaders can be lifesavers.

They're hidden mostly due to not yet being fully supported but its easy enough to create.

Just type
createNode mip_matteshadow;
and you'll have a pretty new node to work with!

Give it a go.

I've included images of the output and the commands with this post.

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